Tim Torabpour - Owner of Square One

Passion.  It is defined as a "strong and barely controllable emotion."  It can be difficult to describe the feeling I get when I'm behind the camera, but that description is the closest I have ever gotten.  It's passion to tell a story; passion to find the most beautiful light, the perfect framing, and the proper edit to create an emotional experience that best represents that story. 

Why call it "Square One"?  Over the years, I have realized how easy it can be to forget the basics.  It can be easy to get so caught up in the details and logistics of a project, sometimes forgetting the original idea/story.  In those situations, I started using the phrase, "Let's go back to square one", and reset the mindset of the project.  Don't get me wrong, I love the technical side, but in the end, it's all there to support the story - STORY IS KING!

Film, commercial work, music videos, wedding videography - I have been working in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area since 2010 and I love the variety of work I get to be a part of with Square One.  Of course, I'm a storyteller first, but cinematography is my greatest passion and strength, as I have been director of photography on projects more than anything else.  I have also directed, shot, and edited feature-length films, as well as worked in the commercial world for companies like Target, Oracle, and Kohler.

Photo Credit:   www.tandemtree.com

Photo Credit:  www.tandemtree.com